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Functional test typically applies full operational power to a loaded printed circuit board in order to determine if the PCB performs functions as designed. This type of test often involves custom built test equipment and custom test fixturing. Circuit Check supports all forms of functional test strategies within its Signature Series functional test fixtures.

In addition to our Signature Series test fixtures, Circuit Check supports your test needs with test automation, from automating small bench tests, building turn-key manufacturing end-of-line ATE systems, to developing custom robotic and conveyorized ATE.

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The Circuit Check Signature Series pneumaticly actuated test fixtures known as PDs for Pneumatic Drive offer smooth controlled actuation for as many as 12,000 ActuationPneumatic tntest points.  Controlled operation probing test pads as small as 0.012" on 25mil centers is supported. The 5th generation PD is a testiment to its versality and reliability, as it has been a proven product for 30 years and can support over a million cycles. Circuit Check PDs can be configured for in-circuit test or as a functional test fixture.  Circuit Check inventories sizes for circuit boards up to 26" x 18", with custom PDs fabricated upon request.





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Manual Drive fixtures by Circuit Check are the choice for low volume low probe count testing, or when component cooling cannot be dissipated in a vacuum fixture.  Circuit Check mechanical fixtures can be configured for in-circuit test or as a functional test fixture.  Tall components on either side of a circuit board, as well as multiple manual side access, is supported with our manual drive fixtures.  In addition, since our manual drive fixtures are based upon our pneumatic drive architecture, top side probing is supported.

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The Circuit Check Linear Drive Gate is a hybrid of our mechnical hold down gate and our manual drive, while packaged in a lower profile.  This smooth actuating design is useful for low probe count circuit boards or for testing where light pressure is required to hold a UUT.

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Circuit Check’s in-line board handler fixturing exceed the high performance requirements associated with high-volume production.  Circuit Check supports in-line fixturing for all the leading ICT handlers including Circuit Check’s AFS5500, Keysight 5i, Teradyne TSh Multi-Site, IPTE and Pematech.  Circuit Check is the go-to partner for in-line functional test fixtures to speed production throughput.

Learn more about Circuit Check In-line ICT Fixtures.  Learn more about Circuit Check In-line Functional Fixtures.

Both ICT and Functinal In-line fixtures from CCI can be configured with our best-in-class probing and sensor placement technologies to ensure maximum value from your test station.




• Dual Sided probing
• LED sensing
• Marker probes
• Stripper plates
• Switch probes