CCI 1000 Series Platfrom

The Circuit Check 1000 Series Configurable ATE Platform has been designed to give the modularity required for rapid and predictable functional test system development. The CCI 1000 Series ATE Platform uses hardware and software modules that can be configured easily to meet your exact functional test needs. It includes a standard base fixture platform design with drop-in/replaceable product interfaces (watch video) and pre-designed pneumatic, power distribution, and safety subsystems.

Download the CCI 1000 Series Configurable ATE Technology Overview.

Download the CCI 1000 Series Configurable ATE Datasheet.

Watch an overview Video of the CCI 1000 Series.

 Single Bay 1000 200Two Bay 1000 200 

The CCI 1000 Series can be configured with a wide range of instrumentation, switching and power supplies. Circuit Check has delivered modular functional test systems for applications that include smart meters, ZigBee radio testing, automotive controllers, medical devices, RF communications testing and Bluetooth radio testing.








Testing Applications:

• In-Circuit Test
• Functional Test
• RF-Test
• Boundary Scan Test
• In-System Programming
• Vision Inspection



Modular Hardware Architecture:

A system can be configured in one of three sizes: single, double, and triple enclosure:

1. A single enclosure configuration supports one detachable fixture and is used for lower volume and/or low complexity testing where the required instrumentation will fit within a single rack.
2. A double enclosure system supports one larger or two smaller detachable fixtures and is used for mid-volume and/or mid-complexity testing.
3. The triple enclosure accommodates up-to three fixtures and provides space for a large instrument set for higher volume/complexity applications.

See CCI application specific test stations based upon the CCI 1000 platform.  For the highest signal integraty requirements, read about the CCI 1000 ATE Series with SCOUT XT.

Modular Software:

Circuit Check's modular software, called CCI Test, allows rapid program development and enables a single program to test multiple product part numbers concurrently and asynchronously while efficiently sharing test instrument resources. The CCI 1089 ATE can be deliverd with National Instruments TestStand.

Total System Support:

Circuit Check supports all aspects of the system development including electrical and mechanical design, software development, fabrication, system integration, deployment and support. With a modular functional test system from Circuit Check based on commercial off the shelf instrumentation, you can accelerate the deployment of your production test strategy.



Functional Test:

• Analog inputs and outputs - static and waveform I/O
• Digital I/O
• >6.5 digit DMM
• Scopes
• Waveform generators
• Switching
• Communication protocols, CAN, LIN, MOST, custom specific interfaces and protocols

RF Test:

• Test RF to 70 GHz
• PXI instruments to >26.5 GHz
• RF Adapter and RF Inline Solutions

In-System Programming:

• Assembly programming
• Gang programming
• Multi-site flashing

Vision Inspection:

• Part detection
• Motion control
• Fine pitch inspection

Interchangable "Quick-change" drop-ins:

• Test multiple products with quick-change fixture drop-in's

Power Supply Unit:

• Supply of all necessary voltages
• Emergency shutdown


• TestStand or CCI Test
• C/C++/C#