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The Circuit Check 1020 Infotainment Test Station delivers the modularity required for rapid and predictable functional test of automotive products and printed circuit board assemblies. A CCI 1020 Infotainment Test Station uses hardware and software modules that can be configured easily to meet your exact functional test needs. It includes a standard base fixture design with drop-in/replaceable product interfaces and pre-designed pneumatic, power distribution, and safety subsystems.

Download the one-page product overview CCI 1020 Infotainment Test Station.



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• Topside, bi-level and multistage pin probe
• Through-connector test
• Quickly reconfigure for new products
• Interchangeable product drop-in adapters
• Automated handling to reduce operator fatigue and improve repeatability
• Selectable product interfacing options
• Multi-up or single DUT fixturing
• Concurrent or single unit test
• Functional test and flash programming capabilities



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Modular Hardware:

• Self-contained enclosure
• Smaller footprint
• PXI or tradional instrumentation controlled
• Integral UPS
• Color touchscreen
• Keyboard/mouse in lockable drawer
• Integral bar code readers
• Label printer for revision and SN stickers
• Capability to test multiple products with quick-change fixture drop-in's

• Interchangable "Quick-change" drop-ins:  Similar to the CCI 600 Series Compact ATEsystem, the CCI 1020 station supports interchangeable fixture drop-in's (watch video). These allow the same test platform to be quickly reconfigured with different tooling and probe patterns for different products. This maximizes equipment re-use, minimizing the cost for each new test. 



Modular Software:

Circuit Check’s modular test executive sequencing software options include CCITest, CIMTest, NI TestStand™ allowing for rapid program development and lower costs, while enabling a single program to test multiple product part numbers concurrently and asynchronously.

Total System Support:

Circuit Check supports all aspects of the system development including electrical and mechanical design, software development, fabrication, system integration, deployment and support. With a modular functional test system from Circuit Check based on commercial off the shelf instrumentation, you can accelerate the deployment of your production test strategy.



Functional Test:

    Common Transmitter and Receiver Tests
     o Output power, carrier freq. drift, modulation accuracy, tolerance, initial carrier freq., output spectrum freq. range
     o Sensitivity (BER/PER), single/multi slot packets, audio analysis, RSSI
    Common Stereo Audio Tests
     o Gain, frequency, amplitude
     o SINAD (signal power, noise, and distortion)
     o Amplifier frequency response
     o THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
     o 200Hz - 8KHz
     o CODEC (encode/decode)
     o Stereo separation
    Common Accessories Test
     o CAN communication
     o Battery monitoring
     o USB port file transfer, current draw

RF and Communications Test:

• Weather Radio
• Bluetooth, BLE
• Cellular (3G/4G LTE)
• AM/FM, HD, SiriusXM Radio
• USB, and Serial, CAN, SPI, MOST
• PXI instruments to 26.5 GHz

In-System Programming:

• Assembly programming
• Multi-Site Flashing

Vision Inspection:

• Automated vision inspection for LCD
• Part detection
• Fine Pitch Inspection

Interchangable "Quick-change" drop-ins:

• Test multiple products with quick-change fixture drop-in's

Power Supply Unit:

• Supply of all necessary voltages
• Emergency shutdown


• TestStand, CIMTest, CCITest
• NI LabVIEW, NI LabWindows/CVI
• C/C++/C#