CCI 1089 Flash 

The Circuit Check CCI 1089 Flash Programming Station is a fully automated programming station, increasing test throughput while improving capital utilization. The Circuit Check 1089 Flash Programmer Station can be configured with a single or multiple product interfaces.  With support for multiple programmers and multiple I/O configurations, the the CCI 1089 is ideal for high volume and high mix production environments.

Download the one-page product overview CCI 1089 Flash Programmer Station.

1089 Flash 200 x 143


• Saves flash programming time
• Wide range of supported target chips
• Flexible generic fixture platform with Circuit Check's fixture drop-in's
• Easily expandable
• Open system platform
• Turn-key solution
• Multi-UUT Flash-sequencer software
• Flash-sequencer software
• Use in Production or Validation



Modular Hardware:

• Single enclosure- One detachable fixture and is used for lower volume and/or low complexity
• Double enclosure- One larger or two smaller detachable fixtures and is used for mid-volume and/or mid-complexity
• Triple enclosure- Up-to three fixtures and provides space for a large instrument set for higher volume/complexity
• Color touchscreen
• Keyboard/mouse in lockable drawer
• Integral bar code readers
• Label printer for revision and SN stickers
• Capability to test multiple products with quick-change fixture drop-in's

 Modular Software:

Circuit Check's modular software, called CCI Test, allows rapid application development and enables a single execution to flash program multiple product part numbers concurrently and asynchronously while efficiently sharing resources.  The sequencer supports an open interface to data bases and device control flow.

Total System Support:

The CCI 1089 Programmer Station is a turn-key solution including rack, fixture, flash instrumentation, software and application engineering support.



 Programming Methods:

• Serial
• power supply

Programmers Supported:

• Cyclone Pro
• FlashRunner
• Segger
• Ember
• Teridian
• MicroChip
• PICKit
• Others..