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Circuit Check 's 600 Series Compact ATE Platform with built-in professional fixturing solves the uncertainty of repeatable results that are common with bench testing.  With the CCI 600 Series Compact ATE, your test procedures become automatic, with test steps and go/no-go limits programmed in common tabular form. Hand-probing is eliminated, replaced with accurate, repeatable tooling and reliable spring-loaded test probe fixturing.


Download the CCI 600 Series Compact ATE Technology Overview.

Download the CCI 600 Series Compact ATE datasheet.

Watch an overview Video of the CCI 600 Series.



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• Improved test consistency
• Faster test throughput
• Reduced operator training requirements
• Automated test measurement logging
• Automated flash programming for revision control
• Improved first pass yields





Testing Applications:

• Programming station
• Board-level ATE
• Unit-level ATE
• Depot repair station
• Replace manual test or programming procedures with accurate and repeatable system




Modular Hardware:

 Interchangable "Quick-change" drop-ins:

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One of the keys to getting the maximum value from automated test equipment is using the same test equipement and fixture mechanics to test multiple products. Circuit Check's 600 Series Compact ATE achieves this by using interchangeable fixture drop-in's.  These allow the same test system to be quickly reconfigured with different tooling and probe patterns for different products. This maximizes equipment re-use, minimizing the cost for each new test.


Watch Video describing Circuit Check Drop-in fixture technologies.


• Self-contained desktop enclosure
• Small footprint: under four square feet
• 1U PC internal to the case, or PXI controlled
• Integral UPS
• Color touchscreen
• Keyboard/mouse in lockable drawer
• Fixture built into the lid
• Integral bar code readers
• Label printer for revision and SN stickers
• Sloped top eases fixture access
• Capability to test multiple products with quick-change fixture drop-in's

Modular Software:

Circuit Check’s modular software, called CCI Test, allows rapid program development and enables a single program to test multiple product part numbers concurrently and asynchronously while efficiently sharing test instrument resources.  Test steps, values, and limits are programmed in tabular format. The CCI 600 Series Compact ATE can be deliverd with National Instruments TestStand.

Total System Support:

Circuit Check supports all aspects of the system development including electrical and mechanical design, software development, fabrication, system integration, deployment and support. With a modular functional test system from Circuit Check based on commercial off the shelf instrumentation, you can accelerate the deployment of your production test strategy.



Functional Test:
• Analog inputs and outputs - static and waveform I/O
• Digital I/O
• >6.5 digit DMM
• Scopes
• Waveform generators
• Switching
• Communication protocols, CAN, LIN, MOST, custom specific interfaces and protocols

RF Test:
• PXI instruments to 26.5 GHz
• RF Adapter and RF Inline Solutions

In-System Programming:
• Assembly programming
• Multi-site flashing

Power Supply Unit:
• Supply of all necessary voltages
• Emergency shutdown

• TestStand or CCI Test
• C/C++/C#