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Circuit Check's AFS 5500 In-circuit Test (ICT) in-line board handler separates the dependence between automation, fixturing and measurement hardware. Easily and quickly integrate existing ICT hardware with the "Bridge" style board handler to create an automated production line. Standardized fixturing allows quick product change over in less than three minutes. Dual sided PCB probing and multi-stage test capabilities readily increases fault coverage and improves test consistencies.

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•  In-Line ICT test automation
•  4 second board-to-board cycle time with 5,000 test point capacity
•  Compatible with Agilent/Keysight 3070,Teradyne and GenRad models
•  Auto set-up including automatic rear rail adjustment
•  Automatic mechanical board stops and board misalignment detection
•  Advanced cassette fixture technology
•  Automated fixture loading/unloading
•  Integrated test cell control software
•  Self-supporting chassis with motorized lift control in legs
•  Heavy duty mechanical servo press for accurate and smooth movement
•  Optional bar code scanner implementation

Above photo is an example configuration of the AFS 5500 mated to a Keysight i3070.


• Unified automation board-handling equipment. Ergonomic straight in-out, slide in fixtures.
• Automated defect disposition
• Test operator intervention eliminated
• Improved test consistency
• Elimination of ICT test bottlenecks


System Description

A key to achieving maximum value is use of the AFS 5500 on existing flatbed ATE systems.  As a bridge style board handler designed to fit over existing test systems, the AFS 5500 is an economical transition to test automation.  The AFS 5500 is compatible with the Keysight/Agilent 3070 2 or 4 bay system, GenRad GR228x and Teradyne TestStation LX, SE and LH systems.  The conveyor is factory set for left-to-right travel but can be ordered for right-to-left travel


             Advanced Fixturing Solutions:

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Fixtures consist of a lightweight upper and lower probing cassette that latch together for ease of storage and for loading into the handler.  The "L" hangers are used for loading the fixture into the handler. The compact design is under 6 inches, reducing fixture storage space verses competitive products.  



      AR-2000 - Automation Ready:

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To simplfy fixture program debug in off-line initial program development, new product introduction ramp-up and at end of product life, the ASF 5500 allow the lower cassette and an exchangeable jumper plate to be combined into a vacuum or pneumatic fixture.  No additional fixture program debug is required. 

Simple and fast conversion to the AR-2000, using only 10 screws, delivers quick and easy testing off-line, then back to on-line service within minutes.


Integrated Control of Fixture Actuation and Conveyor Speed for Optimized Beat-rate:

  Parameters 200


The AFS 5500 In-line handler includes the Test Cell Control software which communicates between the tester the handler and conveyors using standard SMEMA protocol, to move the product smoothly through a SMT line.  The handler's parameters are stored for each fixture controlling the press's ICT.  Each fixture's parameters are stored in a database that control the press's ICT/Functional height, stop points, as well as the optimum board transfer heights. 



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The board parameter file saves vital information which can prevent catastrophic failures.




Diagnostic Page to Check Positional Sensors:

Diagnostic 200



Sensors verify UUT placement, and sense each movement of vital parts within the AFS 5500 system to ensure product safety and efficient trouble free movement.





Total System Support:

Circuit Check supports all aspects of the system development process including electrical and mechanical design, software development, fabrication, system integration, deployment and support. 

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Watch an overview Video of the CCI AFS 5500.

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