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Circuit Check delivesr test solutions to meet the quality control and assurance levels of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified organizations. 

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Medical device development is a complex process with quality serving as the highest concern.  Good Manufacturing Practices in medical device manufacturing require qualified and experienced test documentation and systems that can be calibrated and verified. Circuit Check test solutions are documented to align with the USA FDA Quality System Regulation 21 CFR 820.50 Purchasing Controls, as well as similar global standards.  



CCI 1050 Medical Device Test Station

Learn more about the CCI 1050 Medical Device Test Station based upon the proven Circuit Check 1000 Series Configurable ATE Platform. 


ICT and Functional Test Fixtures

Circuit Check is the leader in test fixture design and fabrication.  Circuit Check's experienced engineers can design an electro-mechanical solution to interface between your product and your test instruments.


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