Circuit Check has delivered solutions to various transportation groups within military contractors. These solutions are delivered according to a rigorous set of test requirements and quality metrics. The Curcuit Check staff of engineers engage in a Project Management and Professional Services role to control the project deliverables, scope, and meet the quality needs for replaceability, in-field serviceability and test system longevity.

Sincgarsradio tnMilitary electronics spans a wide array of communications, control and training products which all share similar ruggedized reliability requirements. Circuit Check provides software and functional test systems that meet the stringent needs of this marketplace for both COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) and custom defense, avionics and military products.  

Circuit Check, an ITAR registered vendor has delivered over 55,000 systems/ITAs for military programs including the F-16 and F-22.  Circuit Check's highly skilled engineering staff offers complete test development with all forms of analog and digital electronics from DC to 40GHz and beyond.

 Example military and aerospace electronic sub-assemblies in which Circuit Check provides test solutions:

• Engine control
• Communications and control
• Navigation
• Display systems
• Optical sensors
• LRUs (Line Replaceable Units)
• Information systems
• Homeland security
• Electronic Control Devices


In-Circuit Test Fixtures and ITA's (Functional Test Fixtures)

Circuit Check is the leader in test fixture design and fabrication.  Circuit Check's experienced engineers will design an electro-mechanical solution to interface between your product and your test instruments.

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