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Fully automated in-line ICT systems for high volume production add the advantage of fast change over time for different assemblies using interchangeable fixturing. Circuit Check’s in-line board handlers and in-line board handler fixturing exceed the high performance requirements associated with high-volume production.  Circuit Check supports in-line fixturing for all the leading handlers:

Circuit Check’s AFS5500SF5500_200_tn





Keysight 5iSF5500_200_tn







Teradyne TSh Multi-SiteSF5500_200_tn























Unlike other supplier’s in-line fixturing, Circuit Check adds it’s best-in-class probing and sensor placement technologies. In-line fixtures from CCI can be configured to ensure maximum value from your test station:

  • Dual Sided probing
  • LED sensing
  • Marker probes
  • Stripper plates
  • Switch probes