Computer Networking

Innovative Test Systems for the Computer Networking Industry

Today’s world has a never ending appetite for data. Everywhere you look there are connected devices that provide and consume that data at an astonishing rate, and the demand increases every day. Our computer and networking customers are constantly pushing the edges of technology to deliver data faster and more reliably than ever. They use the newest electronics available to keep our data flowing – data that is critical to the operation of the world’s infrastructure. As cutting edge technologies are developed, these faster more advanced capabilities require the most sophisticated testing available. Circuit Check is constantly evolving our test fixtures and systems to meet this industry’s most advanced

Our computer networking customers need a test solutions partner to help solve some of the most complex test challenges. Circuit Check partners with these organizations to design new interfacing technologies and eliminate potential test risks and ensure the test system is built with the highest quality and reliability.

Design & Verification through High Volume Production
We provide end to end electrical design, software development and verification of each test system we build. Our robust test systems can withstand the high volume production requirements of the Computer Networking industry.

Connect to your Device Under Test
Circuit Check is the leader in test fixture design and fabrication. Circuit Check’s experienced engineers develop innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs – reliable and cost-effective test systems for each product under test.

Repeatability & Longevity
Our customer’s need a test system that will last and withstand hundreds of thousands of test runs. Circuit Check’s design quality and durability allows our customers to meet their cost-effective testing goals.

Circuit Check specializes in reviewing documentation packages of existing systems and will provide updates for release to our customer’s document control center. In addition, Circuit Check maintains documentation to build additional test systems and fixtures for increased manufacturing capacity.

Finite Element Analysis & Strain Gauge Testing
Circuit Check can easily identify excessive strain on any of the model’s surface area’s and offer solutions to correct the issues. Providing finite element analysis results allows for precise changes to the fixture during the engineering process, resulting in a reduced amount of strain applied to the PCB. Similarly, strain gauge testing allows Circuit Check to identify and reduce the strain on the product under test in a real world environment.

Quality, Reliability & Safety
Quality, reliability, and safety of your test system is our top priority. Circuit Check projects include specification development following an ISO 9001 compliant design process that defines intended uses, design requirements, and the overall design plan for the test system. Once approved, the system is then designed and built to meet the documented requirements. Finally, the completed system is verified and validated against original requirements to ensure all design requirements and intended uses are satisfied.

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