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Design Guide: Introduction to Automated Test Fixtures

Testing of electronic assemblies involves three elements: the device under test, test equipment, and fixturing to make the connections between them.  This design guide teaches you the major components of automated test fixtures and the needs for product connectivity. 

Design Guide: Building PXI Based Board-level Test Systems

A challenge for many test engineers building sophisticated PXI based functional test systems is that the PXI instrumentation may need to measure thousands of test points through the mechanical interconnect, not to mention the focused attention required for signal integrity. This design guide teaches you the major components needed to build a PXI based automated test system.


Quoting Guide: Understanding In-circuit Fixture Quoting Requirements

In order to quote your test fixture, Circuit Check requests information such as CAD files, Gerber files, Bill of Materials, Schematics, Assembly or FAB drawings, etc.  Download the following document and contact our engineering team to learn more.


Design Guide: Impact of Quality on Cost Economics for In-circuit and Functional Test

Each step in the production process for a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) or final product requires a sustained minimum standard to be of financial value. Too much test costs money, while not enough test can be a disaster later if the product ships with existing or non-identified problems. The accounting is clear, assuming equivalent product quality, every dollar eliminated from test costs goes directly to the bottom line. This guide list the detailed factors that define cost-of-test and can be used for internal cost analysis.



Configuration Guide: CCI 1050 Medical Device Test Station

The CCI 1050 board and product level test station is a part of the Circuit Check 1000 Series Configurable ATE Platform.  With a lower cost of ownership, the CCI 1050 allows medical device manufactures to build reliable and upgradable test systems that meet both internal quality standards and those outlined in 21 CFR Part 820. This guide outlines general configuration options to the CCI 1050 test station comprised of measurement instrumentation, interface and fixture interconnects, enterprise communication and test sequencing software. 

Configuration Guide: CCI 1000 Series ATE with SCOUT XT Mass Interconnect

The Circuit Check 1000 Series ATE configured with MAC Panel SCOUT XT mass interconnect achieves maximum value from automated test equipment using modular fixturing mechanics and high-performance instrument interconnect with the shortest possible signal-path wire length. These components enable the same test system to be quickly reconfigured with new tooling for different products, while allowing for the highest possible signal integrity at the lowest investment. This maximizes equipment re-use, while minimizing the cost for each new test.