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Circuit Check's FEA services delivers an industry leading 3D Finite Element Analysis modeling of both the unit under test and test fixture. Unlike others, we are able to easily pin point excessive strain on any of the model's surfaces and offer solutions to correct the issues.

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Circuit Check's FEA provides a proactive solution that is used as another design verification tool during the engineering cycle. Our FEA reports use industry standard measurements for traceability to IPC/JEDEC 9704.

3D Finite Element Analysis is a method to mathematically analyze a model of the test fixture and PCB by dividing it into thousands of smaller pieces called elements. Excessive strain caused by probe forces can easily be pin pointed and addressed. FEA provides proactive results when used during the fixture design process.

During in-circuit testing, thousands of probes are often contacting the bottom of the circuit board, while densely populated boards may also have topside probing. These unintended high probe forces may cause

  • Fractured solder joints
  • Lifted pads or traces
  • Cracked components
  • Delamination of the PCB

The increased accuracy of 3D FEA allows for precise changes to the fixture during the engineering design process, resulting in a reduced amount of strain applied to the PCB.  The 3D model simulates the different contact types:


Frictionless-                       Allows modeled parts to act as independent parts, simulating motion between the PCB surface and the fixture pushdown features (push fingers, BGA stilts, push blocks).

Bonded-                             Modeled parts act as a singular unit like most of the primary fixture plates and all contact pairs that are not modeled as frictionless.

Degree of Freedom (DoF)-  Each node of the model has 3 degrees of freedom. This is important when modeling the 3DOFfixture; it allows features to slide (nonlinear)








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