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Let Circuit Check's specification development team work closely with you to generate concise, robust and unambiguous specification documentation. This can be for use either on test systems we deploy for you, or for updating in-house requirements. Ensuring specification clarity from the offset provides you with the reassurance that all stakeholders are working to a consistent understanding of the project requirements, mitigating the risk of costly changes down the line.

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Circuit Check delivers a fully integrated test engineering value stream with each of our test systems. We are able to draw on knowledge and insight from our own internal experience, as well as established relationships with the measurement community, to fully support and add value to your specification development needs. Circuit Check uses a matrix staffing structure with a dedicated Project Manager (PM) to insure resource allocation and continued communication with you through the entire design, build and verification stage. Upon acceptance, installation and start-up, Circuit Check supports the life-cycle of your test system through our Sustaining Engineering Services.           

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Advantages of Circuit Check engineering value stream services

Improved Reliability- sustaining engineering focuses not only on maintaining production but also on value-added activities aimed at improving the reliability of production processes. Improved reliability reduces total ownership costs through reduced material purchases and lower direct labor costs.
Delivering Higher Yields- Higher yields translate into lower costs and greater customer satisfaction while driving revenue.
Increased Performance- New instruments, connectivity and processes can be utilized to take advantage of changes in technology that allow better performance.
Resolving Sourcing Problems- Solutions designed to improve the reliability of sourced products enable pro-active management of core system quality.
Improved Engineering Support- Continued communication, in addition to a strong project management function enables quick understand of issues and the impact of potential changes in the shortest amount of time.







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