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Today Circuit Check has evolved into one of the largest totally integrated test solution providers with the largest engineering staff in the industry. We also have the broadest support infrastructure and the largest in-house drilling, machining, assembly, and verification capability in the industry. All of these resources support customized product lines to efficiently provide the highest quality solutions for all your test needs.

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Latest News

  • August 21

    Vortex Series also designed for the Teradyne TestStation Platform

    We are excited to announce Circuit Check's Vortex Series vacuum box is now compatible with the G2 size Teradyne TestStation and other G2 sized fixture kits including 227x/Pylon, VPC S6 and G12 interfaces and our Stand Alone G2 size kits.  The simplified and streamlined design allows for maximizing the usable testable board size of the Vortex fixture. The rugged all aluminum design maximizes the opening angle of 85° ideal for Cobot usage, while eliminating the top plate and associated hardware and retaining our classic quick plate guided probe technology.

  • June 28

    Circuit Check Develops Automated Conveyer System for IT Customer

    Often times a customer comes to Circuit Check with a problem and our team of experts must come up with a solution.  In this case a large IT customer was looking for a single clamping station that can apply equal pressure to the entire board at one time.  This can not be easily accomplished by an operator, but Circuit Check was able to develop an automated solution that not only equally clamps the board into place, but does so using automation.  

  • April 21

    Developing a High Channel Count FPGA Based EGSE Architecture Utilizing COTS Hardware

    The development of avionics platforms for space deployment at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is requiring an increased need for high-speed DIO, analog channels, auxiliary electronics, and high-rate data multiplexers in a single platform. As a result, the Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) necessary to support these avionics is also gaining in complexity. 


Our goal is to increase our customers shipped quality while decreasing overall test costs.

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