Circuit Check Reveals New Brand Identity and 2019 Initiatives

Circuit Check is proud to announce our new logo. This change is part of a larger rebranding effort to emphasize our commitment to the electronic test industry. This new brand reflects Circuit Check’s historical roots and emphasizes our core competencies, setting us apart as an industry leader as we continue to provide quality electronic test systems.  We believe that the new logo and branding are a more accurate representation of the technology company that our customers have come to depend on.


In addition, as we progress through 2019, you will see value in what we are doing behind the scenes to help improve our ability to serve you and your testing needs.  A number of changes you can expect from Circuit Check in 2019 include:


  • Completely redesigned website giving you better and faster access to information about Circuit Check’s products and how they can be leveraged to improve quality and lower test times
  • New ERP system allowing us to streamline our operations resulting in shorter lead times and higher quality
  • Continued investment in technology to provide new solutions to your most challenging test needs


As we celebrate 40 years in the electronic test industry, Circuit Check continues to be a leading edge provider of custom engineered test solutions.  The company began as a bare board testing service in 1979, and as our clients’ needs for test equipment grew more sophisticated, we evolved with them to meet their requirements with innovative new products and cutting edge designs. Our new brand identity and logo is another element of our growth and change. 


We look forward to sharing our journey with you as we continue to roll-out our new brand identity, logo, website, and other improvements in 2019.