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Circuit Check has the experience to deliver a complete test solution with functional test equipment and associated test fixtures, from conceptual design to manufacture and delivery. Our hardware common platforms are designed to provide efficient, effective functional and combinational test for a variety of applications and industries. Circuit Check's In-Circuit Test Fixtures can be found in leading production facilities worldwide.  Combined with our configurable Test System architectures, Circuit Check Functional Test Fixtures combine to create the highest quality, efficient and durable solution, ensuring long life-cycle use. 


Platform Centric Technologies for In-Circuit and Functional Test

Platform based technologies allow for reuse, scalability and lowest cost of ownership.  Circuit Check's core platforms for fixturing include our Performance Grade, Signature Series and Value Line technologies.  We apply these technology platfoms to your application and mechanical architecture needs.  


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Open Hardware and Software Architectures

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Our automated test systems are based upon open architectures leveraging upon industry standards PXI, LXI and USB instrumentation within customizable racks connected to test fixtures appropriate for your need.  Circuit Check functional testing solutions leverage open software development tools that are specific to the Test and Measurement industry.  Examples include National Instruments LabVIEW, TestStand and LabWindows CVI, in addition to .NET and C/C++. Circuit Check solutions provide value to customers who need to verify product functionality at the design qualification stage, or in the various stages of manufacturing prior to shipment. Our test platforms provide for full functional, parametric testing of the product during final assembly either in-line or offline as part of an automated or lean cell operation.



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