Leveraging CCI Signature Series functional test fixturing, the integrated rack with PXI chassis delivers the highest performance instrument interconnect with the shortest possible signal-path wire length. ATE systems can be quickly reconfigured with new tooling for different products, while allowing for the highest possible signal integrity at the lowest investment.  

Built upon a 15U 24” width base, with insert rails for 19” rack mount equipment, the system is floor standing and incorporates a unique top-mounted chassis for PXI instrumentation, along with a MAC Panel SCOUT XT ITA receiver.  This allows for heavy ITA fixturing to rest on a solid one-half inch hard coated aluminum top plate.  The architecture eliminates many custom cables through the use of MAC Panel DAK adapters to improve signal integrity and system build repeatability.  Additionally, the widened chassis allows for power conditioning and auxiliary systems to reside in both sides of the base for ease of maintenance and ergonomics. 

Download the CCI 1000 Series ATE with MAC Panel Inc. SCOUT XT Mass Interconnect Configuration Guide here:

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