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Circuit Check‚Äôs Engineering Services business unit designs and builds many custom test systems on a regular basis.   Our Field Engineering team hosts a showcase of pictures and slides to a variety of unique test systems in order to provide examples of how Circuit Check can help with your specific, unique application.

Circuit Check has extensive expertise in the design, development, and deployment of custom test systems. Please learn more about our Global Services offerings.  Each of the Circuit Check solutions are formulated with modularity in mind.  Our broad-based knowledge of testing principles, automation and wide customer base allow us to deploy solutions for even the most challenging application.


Delivering Best Pratice in Test

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Ensuring the Best Solution for Your Needs

See the overview table of characteristic differentiators common in industry for test system targeting Production Test vs Design Validation Test. 

Example Customer Applications


Durability 600 2


Durability 600 System2

     Example Customer ApplicationWheel Tester

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