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Circuit Check's 5000 Series In-line Handler separates the dependence between automation, fixturing and measurement hardware as with other in-line PCBA probe based test stations, while adding a standardize quick change fixture interface.  The CCI 5000 is a unified in-line handler that is software and hardware agnostic, enabling adaptability to a variety of off-the-shelf lower cost ICT, Flash and Functional test software and hardware.


5000 Series 200

• Configurable for in-line automated in-circuit test (ICT), flash programming and/or functional test 
• Supports many open hardware standards
• Integrated rack and cabinet with modular fixturing
• Fully controllable conveyor throughput
• Smaller footprint vs comparable solutions
• Both rapid and smooth press actuation
• Bottom, top or multi-stage stage probing
• Ergonomic straight in-out, slide-in fixtures with fail-safe operation
• Specially designed board alignment verification
• Operator safe operation light curtains, emergency stop and key-lock
• SMEMA compatibility






• Unified automation board-handling equipment with integrated test and programming
• Automated defect disposition
• Reduced operator intervention test and programming
• Concurrency of test in manufacturing
• Mission critical industries
• Develop of repeatable throughput algorithms
• Simplified panelized program and test

5000 Pull out fixtures 200 VideoLink 



 Ergonomic straight in-out, slide-in fixtures with fail-safe fixturing.Watch the video.





System Description

  Modular Hardware Architecture:

A key to test strategy design is knowing and matching a board's test requirements to the most effective means to meet those requirements. The CCI 5000 series allows the PCBA manufacture to more easily manage their tester resource portfolio though a unified in-line automation controller matched to customer defined test needs for balanced ICT, Flash and Functional test. Each CCI 5000 Series In-line Handler is assembled to a customer's application needs, comprising of device-under-test (DUT) measurement instrumentation interconnects, signal types and counts, power sources, and management software. Common configurations include:

Single Bay - One slide-in fixture with optional fail-discharge shoot
Double Bay - Two slide-in fixtures to support programming and test
Triple Bay - Three slide-in fixtures to maximize line beat-rate

Modular Fixturing for Maximum Equipment Reuse:

key to achieving the maximum value from automated test equipment is using the same test equipment and fixture mechanics to test multiple products. Circuit Check's 5000 Series In-line Handler achieves this by using interchangeable fixturing.  Interchangeable components enable the same test system to be quickly reconfigured with new tooling for different products. This maximizes equipment re-use while minimizing the cost for each new test. The CCI 5000 series handler supports probes on the topside, bottom-side and multi-stage, while also being adaptable to through connector test


 Scalable Instrumentation for Flexible Measurements and Programming:

The CCI 5000 Series is configured to customer specific test needs in order to maximize performance at a lower investment, supporting many suppliers of ICT, Functional, and Flash programming hardware and software.

  Integrated Control of Fixture Actuation and Conveyor Speed for Optimized Beat-rate:

Control Panel 200

The CCI 5000 Series In-line Handler includes a dedicated industry-standard PC executing a sequenced based conveyor control software tool.  Using a simple text editor, each bay’s conveyor speed and fixture actuation can be controlled.  The user can control the fixturing press for both rapid and smooth press actuation, while also having control of bay specific conveyor speed to achieve an optimum beat-rate.






 Total System Support:

Circuit Check supports all aspects of the system development process including electrical and mechanical design, software development, fabrication, system integration, deployment and support. With a modular in-line system from Circuit Check based upon commercial off the shelf instrumentation, our customers accelerate deployment of production test strategies at reduced investment costs. 

Functional Test:

• Analog inputs and outputs - static and waveform I/O 
• Digital I/O 
• >6.5 digit DMM 
• Oscilloscopes 
• Waveform generators 
• Switching 
• CAN, SPI, I2C, MOST, custom specific interfaces and communication protocols

ICT Test:

• Analog in-circuit addressing shorts, opens, analog components. 
• Digital with multiple logic thresholds 
• Active and passive components

In-System Programming:

• Device-under-test (DUT) site flashing 
• Multi-site flashing

Board Handling Automation:

• Support for hands-off automated product interfacing

Power Conditioning:

• Supply of all necessary voltages 
• Emergency shutdown

Test and Programming Environments: 

• NI TestStand®, CCITest, CIMTest, NI LabVIEW®, NI LabWindows/CVI® 
• C/C++/C# 
• Hardware integration specific



Watch an overview Video of the CCI 5000 Series


Download the CCI 5000 Series In-line Handler datasheet.

Download the CCI 5000 Technology Overview.