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Circuit Check's sustaining engineering services is a component of our services value stream.  We are committed to your success throughout your equipment's lifetime.  Circuit Check can assist you to support an in-service system in its operational environment. These services span those technical tasks, engineering, and logistics investigations and analyses to ensure continued operation and maintenance of a system with managed risk.

A Circuit Check Support Agreement complements Circuit Check's warranty to ensure your test equipment remains updated and in optimal condition throughout its production life. A Circuit Check support agreement offers reduced engineering rates, guaranteed response times, and the convenience of a single purchase order for multiple support requests. 

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Advantages of Circuit Check sustaining test engineering services

Improved reliability- sustaining engineering focuses not only on maintaining production but also on value-added activities aimed at improving the reliability of production processes. Improved reliability reduces total ownership costs through reduced material purchases and lower direct labor costs.
Delivering higher yields- Higher yields translate into lower costs and greater customer satisfaction while driving revenue.
Increased performance- New instruments, connectivity and processes can be utilized to take advantage of changes in technology that allow better performance.
Resolving sourcing problems- Solutions designed to improve the reliability of sourced products enable pro-active management of core system quality.
Improved engineering support- Continued communication, in addition to a strong project management function enables quick understand of issues and the impact of potential changes in the shortest amount of time.








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