Circuit Check ensures that quality your automotive components and sub-assemblies are produced quickly and cost-effectively with long-term reliability. One of the most challenging applications of dependable real-time electronics is the field of automotive electronics. These safety-critical applications require high dependability and low maintenance and warranty costs.                                   

Example automotive sub-assemblies in which Circuit Check provides test solutions:

    • Active suspension
    • Mobile infotainment
    • Electric vehicle power
    • Wireless applications
    • Engine management
    • Instrument cluster
    • Climate control
    • Security and safety systems
    • Body and chasis


Case Study

A customer in the electric vehicle market with a high speed roadster style vehicle, needed a solution for quality control and testing of a voltage conversion unit. Circuit Check provided engineering guidance on the testing strategy, while working with the supply chain for the vehicle deliverable. The Circuit Check solution centered around the high quality requirements in the transfer function. The solution simulated the functional operation of the converter, while capturing high speed data for analysis using the Magellon software platform. The customer was provided the testing information as it occurred, real time, and was able to manage the manufacturing variability requirements through their supply chain by ensuring the quality metrics were maintained.


ICT and Functional Test Fixtures

Circuit Check is the leader in test fixture design and fabrication.  Circuit Check's experienced engineers can design an electro-mechanical solution to interface between your product and your test instruments.


4 up drawer fixture tn                 FUnct 689 side view Mac panel I-F                  Industry Auto Sub Fixture tn



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