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Increasing the competitiveness of manufacturing and modernization of the industrial base requires the industrial exploitation of innovative manufacturing technologies and processes as well as innovative business models.  Circuit Check responds to these needs by offering a wide range of solutions from consulting to complete test system and software design, Circuit Check ensures adapted services of systems and equipment through the complete life cycle.

Example industrial electronic sub-assemblies in which Circuit Check provides test solutions:

  • Transportation control
  • Smart grid
  • Vision systems
  • Security systems
  • Energy management
  • Green technology
  • Robotics


Case Study

A customer requiring an enclosed, high reliability, flexible robotics management system, engaged with the Circuit Check team to provide the mechanical, electrical and operational integration. The system was designed to provide a proof-of-concept to market, as the customer was a startup company.  This required the expertise of Circuit Check's engineering staff and the ability to work with the many changing factors that occur during New Product Introduction (NPI). The robotics handling system, the machine vision integration and the operational interface were provided during the R&D cycle, reducing the customers time-to-market and ensuring the customer would meet targets on financing to get their product into the market. Circuit Check partnered with the customer in a "virtual company" mode, co-existing the customer inside the Circuit Check facilities during the product introduction. This reduced the customers costs and allowed the customer to utilized an efficient and flexible working environment.


ICT and Functional Test Fixtures

Circuit Check is the leader in test fixture design and fabrication.  Circuit Check's experienced engineers will design an electro-mechanical solution to interface between your product and your test instruments.


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