Circuit Check product testing solutions ensure that quality products are produced quickly and cost-effectively.  The combination of voice, video, and data communications on wired and wireless networks have become integral and necessary to modern life. Telecommunications and electronics manufacturers need to provide highly reliable products which support long lifecycles, often in rugged environments. 

Example telecommunication electronic sub-assemblies in which Circuit Check provides test solutions:

  • WAN and access products,
  • Fiber optics,
  • Wireless communications,
  • VoIP products,
  • Optoelectronics,
  • Cable transmission devices

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Case Study

A customer in the wireless space for consumer products required a flexible system capable of handling different product variations in a cost effective manner. Circuit Check designed and developed a combination of nodal and functional testing along with RF and communications interfaces, using cost effective interconnections. The resultant solution delivered a faster product changeover process, maximized product testing coverage, reduced support issues and spare parts management, and shorted time to market ensuring launch program success.  


ICT and Functional Test Fixtures

Circuit Check is the leader in test fixture design and fabrication.  Circuit Check's experienced engineers will design an electro/mechanical solution to interface between your product and your test instruments.


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